South Sudan Hails UPDF For Averting Genocide Top story


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South Sudan officially sends of UPDF, hails Uganda Army for in averting genocide.

The government of South Sudan has hailed Uganda Peoples Defence Force for averting possible genocide.
South Sudan Minister of Defence,  Kuol Manyang Juuk says the deployment of UPDF at the outbreak of the rebellion preventing massive destruction in Juba and other places.

Speaking at the official sendoff of UPDF from in South Sudan, General Kuol Manyang Juuk noted that the UPDF restored relative peace and security during 22 months of conflict.

He says the Ugandan army enabled resumption of humanitarian operations and socio-economic activities at the peak of the rebellion South Sudan.

General, Kuol Manyang Juuk defended UPDF intervention in the South Sudan crisis saying it was very appropriate and a gesture of true brotherhood and bilateral cooperation between Uganda and South Sudan.

Gen Kuol said Uganda supported the South Sudan without being compensated, as a gesture of regional solidarity.

"The GoSS did not pay Uganda in this operation, because the UPDF is not a mercenary force." he said.

Meanwhile South Sudan Minister for National Security, Gen Mamur Obuto Mete said UPDF's quick response not only averted genocide but also ensured no spillover effects of the chaos to the neighbouring Countries.

He emphasized African nationalism, Pan-Africanism and unity of African Countries in pursuing their interests and resisting foreign interference.

The Chief of the General Staff for SPLA, Paul Malong Awan said paid tribute to Ugandan soldiers who died during the struggle to save millions of people whom he said were in dreadful situation.

The commander of the UPDF withdrawing force, Brig Muhanga Kayanja thanked the Government Of South Sudan for all the support rendered to UPDF for the 22-months operation.

Brig Kayanja said it was pleasing to note that during the  22 months of operation in South Sudan, the UPDF was never reported or involved in conflict with any civilian community and the friendly forces.