Stop Giving Wrong Reports, Lumumba Warns Government Officials

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Justine Kasule Lumumba, the Secretary General of the National Resistance Movement party says civil servants give wrong information that misleads government.

The Secretary General of National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, Justine Kasule Lumumba says some public servants give government a wrong impression on issues that affect people.

Lumumba says this is caused by civil servants who do not go to the people to collect information, but instead sit in offices and write reports.

According to Lumumba, the picture government has about the state of the nation is not what is found on ground.

"As a government official, l must say we are disappointed in our civil servants. Recently we sent out our campaigning team to go and ask the people what their needs are in the communities. To our surprise, what the team found is not what is in the reports we have on our government shelves," she said.

Lumumba was addressing people living with HIV/AIDS in Mukono on Sunday, as they marked World AIDS Day.

She told the gathering that government will extend HIV/AIDS health care services to the village levels.

The celebrations were organized by Tabitha Global Care. It is a charity organization that offers HIV/AIDS related support to people living with the virus.

A beneficiary of Tabitha Global Care, Paul Etyang from Kayunga said he has been able to start a piggery to raise household income in order to support the family.

As the world celebrated World AIDS Day last week, the Mukono Municipality Health Officer, Dr. Anthony Konde disclosed that new infection rates in the area are high.