Strange Pests Devastates Bee hives

2584 Views Kitgum, Uganda
A strange pest has invaded Kitgum devastating several bee hives. Mary Atube, a bee farmer in Pagen Village in Labongo Sub County says that her project has been held back pests. She says that the pests that resemble bees invade and kill the bees forcing others to migrate. Atube says she started the bee project three years ago and expected to benefit in the subsequent years, but her hopes have faded. Atube says they recently formed a group named KITWOBEE group 'A' beekeepers association but the group efforts are not being felt. She says the group only harvested 20 kilograms of honey in March last year, and failed to get any yield in the second season in September. Dolly Okwera, a member of the KITWOBEE beekeepers association says they lack the knowledge and skills to fight the numerous pests that are stalling their project. Adolf Bagonza of a member and trainer of APITRADE Africa, who is also the executive director of Kabarole Bee keepers Association, advises the bee farmers to ensure that the surrounding of the bee hives is clean. Bagonza says the pests can be killed using grease, hot water or fire. He explains that one can also put oil or ash to repel many other insects that are a danger to the bees. //Cue in: "As you clean they go away..." Cue out: "...and run away."// Bogonza is disappointed at the rate at which locals are cutting the shear nut tree, which he says produces flowers that produces high honey yield. Cue in: "This tree alone could..." Cue out: "...very good honey."// Godfrey Oboni the entomology officer discloses that Kitgum has a potential to produce 300 tones of honey annually. Oboni says each of the local hives can produce eight kilograms of honey and the KTB hives produce an estimated 15kilograms. Oboni however notes that harvest is haphazardly and sometimes when the bees have eaten the honey.


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