Stray Elephants Kill 4 People In Oyam

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Stray elephants have killed three people in Atura village, Loro sub-county in Oyam district.

Stray elephants have killed three people in Atura village, Loro sub-county in Oyam district.
The elephants reportedly strayed from Murchison Falls National Park on Wednesday causing havoc where they also destroyed a house belonging to a local resident identified as Tony Ebu.
A press release from Uganda Wildlife Authority this morning acknowledges the deaths of the three people. According to the release, the five elephants had strayed off the park when villagers reportedly attacked the animals. It is believed that one elephant that got injured separated from the rest and went on rampage. According to the release, the injured elephant killed three people on spot and injured another person who also died after being rushed to Atapar Health Centre in Oyam district.
Jossy Muhangi, the Public Relations Manager of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) identifies the dead as; Vincent Obua, an adult male aged over 50 years, Vincent Okori aged 16, both of Ewari village, Adigo Parish, Loro Sub County. The third victim, Edward Menya aged over 50 years, hailed from Adakober parish. The identity of the 4th person remains unknown. A hut belonging to Tony Ebu was pulled down by elephants but all occupants survived unhurt.
According to Muhangi, UWA rangers led by the Conservation Area Manager Tom Okello, together with other security agencies, have already driven the stray elephants back to the park.
UWA management along with the district leadership are already running radio announcements on local FM radio stations to alert the public about the stray elephants and how to keep safe from the threat.
This is not the first time elephants have killed people living near the protected areas. Residents in Lefori in Moyo district, Amuru and Nwoya have all suffered the wrath of stray elephants in the past. Cases of destruction of crops have also been reported in Agago, Abim and Kaabong districts.