Suspected Nakivubo Channel Robbers Arrested

1202 Views Kampala, Uganda
66 young men, believed to operate robbers' dens in the drainage channels connected to the Nakivubo Channel, have been arrested by police. Police from Old Kampala Police Station, acting on a tip off from traders operating along the channel, were able to locate the entry points for the suspects. Using police dogs, they flushed out a large number of bedraggled men and boys. Moses Mwanga, the Old Kampala Division Police Commander, said the police recovered marijuana from the youth, but no stolen property as was previously expected. He said the suspects are behind petty theft in downtown Kampala, snatching bags and mobile phones from unsuspecting people and disappearing down the drainage channels. //Cue in: iPeople have been #i Cue out: i# them in the acts.i// Police officers have been stationed at all the exits used by the group to prevent re-entry. Since they were not found with anything valuable, the youth will be charged with disturbing peace.