Suspicions Raised as Mukono Stones are Sourced for Construction of Masindi Roads

1525 Views Masindi, Uganda
Stones to be used in the rehabilitation of roads in Masindi Town Council are being transported from as far as 270 kilometers away in Mukono district. Joseph Rutaagi, the project coordinator, says the decision to get the stones from Mukono was reached after all efforts to source them from in and around Masindi ended in a deadlock. He says good stones were available in Karugangara village, just 15 kilometers northwest of Masindi town, but that the quarry is owned by the Arab Bank for Economic Development, which is funding the construction of the Kafu-Masindi Road. According to Rutaagi, Dott Services Limited, the company contracted to build the Kafu-Masindi Road refused to sell the stones. It claimed the power to sell the stones is the prerogative of the Arab Bank. 500 tones of stones are needed to complete the 360-million shilling project to rebuild over 21 kilometers of road. There are unconfirmed reports in Masindi town that the council is covertly buying stones through individuals instead of procuring them through other public means. However the Masindi Town Clerk, Daudi Chwa, says he is unaware of such a move. He referred the matter to the LC3 chairperson of Masindi Town Council, Joshua Amanyire, who in turn passed the issue back to the Town Clerk. It is not clear how the purchase of stones from Mukono will affect budgeted costs for the project. Joseph Rutaagi says the project has already been affected by nationwide increases in fuel. The road construction project is a partnership between Masindi town council and the Government of Uganda.