Swarm of Bees Disrupts UNEB Exams at Iganga High School

1293 Views Iganga, Uganda
O-Level examinations at Iganga High School were brought to a standstill for three hours yesterday when a swarm of been invaded one of the examination rooms. Mariam Nabiirimo, an invigilator from the Uganda National Examinations Board, says the bees entered the room in the early hours of the afternoon shortly after the Chemistry practical exam had started. She says the students fled from the room in fear, abandoning their examination papers inside the laboratory. Nabiirimo says five students were seriously injured in the scuffle and many more suffered bee stings. She says the exam resumed after 6 p.m. when the swarm of bees had been cleared out. One of the students, who witnessed the incident, says Senior One students who were taking part in a Fine Art class near the laboratory threw stones at a large bee hive, disturbing the colony. But the Iganga High School deputy headmaster refuted the claim, insisting that there was no beehive on the school campus. He says police visited the school and ruled out foul play.