Tabligh Faction Accuses Goverment of Neglect

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Hassan Kirya, the spokesman of the William Street based breakaway Muslim Tabligh faction is accusing government of neglect. Kirya alleges that they are treated like third class citizens and branded terrorists each time they fight for their rights. Delivering a sermon at Nakasero Mosque today Kirya said that, they have endured a lot of suppression, abuse and marginalization from government. He said that government is always quick to rush to the rescue of vendors whenever their markets are sold off but turns a deaf ear when Muslims cry for the same help. Kirya alleged that Muslim properties such as Masjid Noor, Kololo high, Duster house on Plot 16 in Luzira, Muslim Girls and Clock tower grounds have been solved off but government has done nothing to protect them. He warned that they are not ready to continue taking any form of humiliation from government. //Cue in "We met the...... Cue out...we are not."// The sermon comes, just a day after the group, raided Nakasero Mosque allegedly to protect it from demolition by city businessman Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero. Chaos broke lose on Wednesday evening when, Kirya and his team raided Nakasero Mosque after rumor spread out that Mutaasa was moving to demolish the mosque. However, it later emerged that Mutasa was demolishing a building that is adjacent to Nakasero Mosque. Despite this, the angry Muslim set a blaze two excavators and carried out a coupe against the leadership of Sheikh Suleiman Kaketo, the leader of Uganda Tabligh Muslim Community. Today, Moses Kigongo, the NRM vice chairperson chaired a meeting between, police, Mutaasa Kafeero and the Tabligh Muslims. //Cue in. we agreed." Cue out... We are here."// In April 20010, Uganda Muslims Sunni Association, owners of the land on which the mosque is built and Uganda Muslim Tabligh Community as sitting tenants signed an agreement with Mutaasa to redevelop the land. Under the agreement, Mutasa would build a multi-storied commercial building containing a mosque on plot 4 Sinai Bin Amir Street, and Plot 17A, 17B, 17C on Entebbe road. According to the agreement the Tabliqh community would have 70 percent shares while the remaining would get to the Suunis, who are the registered trustees of the land. This didn't go down well with the break away faction that accuses Kaketo of selling off the mosque.


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