Teenager in Lira arrested for Infanticide

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 Police in Lira are holding a senior two student of Royal Academy for allegedly murdering her new-born baby.

Henry Alyanga, the Central North police spokesman, says Ajok Harriet was arrested on Sunday from her home in Okanycan cell, Abala parish Agweng Sub County.

Alyanga says they have also arrested Ajok’s sister in law Susan Atala who is believed to have influenced her to dump the baby in a pit-latrine.

Ajok told police that she delivered successfully on Saturday night without the notice of her mother, adding that Atala later told her to drop the baby in the toilet.

She says that she conceived in August 2010 with a Senior Four student of Royal Academy identified as Denis Opio, who later went missing.
Ajok added that when she was taken to the boy’s home in Alito Sub County, his parent rejected her claiming their son was not responsible for the pregnancy.
She told police that she dumped the baby after being mistreated by her parents.

Atala Susan when interrogated confessed to police of having been advising Ajok to abort the baby since her boyfriend had gone missing.

Atala said she was feeling pity for her since everyone at home was rejecting her.

Police say they duo will be charged with murder upon the recommendation of the resident state attorney.

The body was later retrieved from the pit latrine and will be buried today at their ancestral home in Okanycan village, Abala parish Agweng Sub County in Lira district.


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