Tension as Rival Lango Faction Plans to Install Parallel Chief

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Wakili Okello, the speaker of the faction says the event will also attract thousands of sons and daughters of Lango living in Diasporas.

The leadership of Yosam Odur Ebii, the legitimate Lango paramount chief is in panic following reports of the proposed installations of a rival paramount chief.  Beini Ocan, the prime minister of the rival leaders says plans are underway to install Charles Olet as the parallel Lango paramount chief on June 5th 2014.  Ocan says they are still fundraising to ensure the event takes place at yet unidentified venue.

He explains that each clan leader in their group is expected to raise 150,000 from his subjects for the event. Key of the guests of the wish list of the organizers of the event are Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom, David Onen Acana, the head of  Acholi Ker-Kwaro, the Omukama of Tooro Kingdom Oyo Nyimba and president Yoweri Museveni amongst others. Wakili Okello, the speaker of the faction says the event will also attract thousands of sons and daughters of Lango living in Diasporas. Odur has been facing rejection from his subjects in the Diasporas who accuse him of being used by the state to spy on them, a claim he vehemently denies.

Dr. Richard Nam, the Prime minister of Lango Cultural Institution has rubbished news of the proposed coronation of a rival paramount chief as described it as cultural comedy. Mansur Suwed, the central North Regional Police spokesperson says police has not yet been informed about the planned event.  Police has often clashed with members of the rival faction after Lira high court declared it illegal in December last year. The group, which claims to enjoy majority support from the 152 clans in Lango, broke off from Odur in February this year accusing him of ignoring the implementation of resolutions of the clan leaders’ council, the highest organ in Lango cultural institution.
It started in November 2012 when he Odur decided and a handful of loyal chiefs undertook s statehouse sponsored trip to Europe and United States ahead of Lango conference that was held in December 2012 in disregard of the clan leader’s council, which opposed the tour and demanded that the conference be postponed to March 2013. The clan leader’s council also ruled against invited president Yoweri Museveni to preside over the event saying it was entirely meant for sons and daughters of Lango ethnic group. However, Odur and his team went ahead and invited Museveni who presided over the event drawing outrage from the clan leaders. Rev John Charles Odur Kami, the bishop of Lango diocese and several other elders attempted to mediate the conflict in vain.