Three Arrested for Murder in Hoima

1367 Views Hoima, Uganda
Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Businessman in Hoima town. The suspects are; Earnest Byaruhanga and his wife Allen Kemigisa and Buruhan Francisco. The suspects were arrested on Thursday afternoon at Kagadi Taxi Park in Kibaale district and later transferred to Hoima police station. The trio has been arrested in connection with the death of Justus Byamukama, a shopkeeper in Munteme Trading center in Hoima town. He was attacked and killed on Wednesday night. Justus Kobusinge, Byamukam's wife, reported the matter to police. In her statement to police, Kobusinge said the she was forced to mount a search for her husband after realizing that he was not returning home. It is the search at the shop that nipped the bud out of something folly. She says that she found the shop open and all merchandise and money gone. Jackson Mpabaisi, the midwestern regional Scene of Crime Officer, says Byamukama was waylaid just as he returned home from his shop. Police say the suspects hacked Byamukama to death and dragged his body to a forest located about 200 meters away. The body was found with deep cuts in the forehead and some bruises. The motive of the murder is not yet clear. But Omuhereza Nyakahara, Byamukama's landlord says the casual laborers, have for long been demanding an unspecified amount of money from the deceased as payment for the bricks they laid for him.


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