Tingey MP Kicked Out of NRM Elections for Corruption

The Tingey Member of Parliament, Herbert Sabila, has been blocked from participating in next week's NRM primary elections because he was found guilty of corruption. In March this year Sabila was found guilty by the Anti-Corruption Court of offering to bribe an official of the Inspectorate of Government. The 700,000 shillings offered was to convince the officer to drop the IGG's investigations into claims that the Kapchorwa Town Council treasurer, Nelson Sami, had abused his office and caused the town considerable financial loss. Sabila paid a fine of four million shillings for the crime and was released from jail. Now his past has come to haunt him. On Friday, former Labor Minister Stephen Chebrot successfully secured an order from Mbale High Court to stop Herbert Sabila for contesting in the NRM primary elections. Lillian Mwanda, the court registrar, said the order will remain in place until the party's elections are complete. Sources in Herbert Sabila's camp say the motive behind the court order was malicious. They say the MP intends to stand for the Tingey parliamentary seat as an independent and his campaign for re-election won't be affected by these latest events.


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