Tonnage Spoiling Pakwach-Nebbi Road, Says UNRA Engineer

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The engineer who supervised Pakwach-Nebbi road works, Bruno Musoke has told the UNRA probe commission that the road is failing because of increased traffic to South Sudan.

The government engineer who supervised the upgrading of Pakwach-Nebbi road from gravel to tarmac has blamed the increased tonnage on the road for its failure.
Appearing before the UNRA probe commission, Bruno Musoke said the amount of traffic that came up after the independence of South Sudan had not been anticipated during the construction of the road.

Musoke says at the time of handing over the road to government, all the cracks and potholes that had been detected during the defect liability period had been worked on and the road was in perfect condition.

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The commission however insists that there is no way the increased traffic due to trade in South Sudan could have led to the failure of the road.  

Evidence before the commission indicates that the contractor, China Road and Bridge Construction made some repairs on the road during the defect liability period. This followed a report by the consultant, M/S Parkman that highlighted the faults.

One of the commissioners, Eng. Patrick Rusongoza says the contractor only covered potholes that had already appeared during the defect liability period, leaving the cracks that have since widened.

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The commission during its field trip on the road picked samples of the materials used in construction and sent them to the government laboratory to ascertain their quality. The results from the tests have not been returned.

Preliminary investigations on the road show that more than 6.7 billion shillings was paid to the contractor for pavement layers, but some of them were not put. The commission is also investigating allegations that not all the seven layers that had been planned for were put on the road.


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