Tooro Investigates Illegal Sale of Kingdom Land

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Bernard Tungwako, the Tooro Kingdom premier says the Probe Committee will obtain details on who bought the land and those responsible for selling it off.

Tooro Kingdom has set up a committee to investigate the illegal sale and theft of Kingdom land. The appointment of the probe committee stems from allegations that huge chunks of land have been sold off or rented out illegally by unknown people.

According to the Kingdom constitution, lease or sale of kingdom land is only authorised by the Kingdom land board.  However in most cases, the land has been sold off without the consent of the board.   

Bernard Tungwako, the Tooro Kingdom premier says the Probe Committee will obtain details on who bought the land and those responsible for selling it off. He says the Probe committee will also document all the kingdom land.  

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Without giving names, Tungwako also said that some kingdom officials have sold off kingdom land claiming ownership. Records obtained by Uganda Radio Network at Tooro Kingdom headquarters indicate that most of the land was sold way back in 1995 after the death of Omukama Patrick Olimi Kaboyo.
The affected land is found in Bunyagabu and Burahya County in Kabarole district and Mwenge County, Kyenjojo district.    Charles Mujungu, a member of the kingdom land board has welcomed the move to recover all kingdom land. He says the prime minister should go ahead with plans to bring all those who illegally sold off kingdom property to book. 

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For several years, the control of resources especially land has been one of the major causes of conflicts in Tooro Kingdom.  Large chunks of land have been leased or sold off under unclear circumstances and the funds not accounted for.

In 2013, Kingdom land measuring 650 acres that had been leased to Tooro and Mityana Tea Company Limited (TAMTECO) was sold off. This was after an unidentified person got access to the keys of the registry at the kingdom headquarters and took away the title.  

Last year, unknown people sold off about 20 acres of land that had been earmarked to host King Oyo Foundation Hospital in Kibira parish in Nyantungo Sub County. In 2011, the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa sold a huge chunk of Kingdom land to the government at the cost of 4.5 billion shillings.  
The transaction between Kemigisa and government was questioned by Members of Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee.


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