Tooro Kingdom, Kabarole District Clash Over Rent Money

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Tooro Kingdom and Kabarole district local government have clashed over funds from buildings housing Makerere University Fort Portal Campus.

Tooro Kingdom and Kabarole district local government have clashed over funds from buildings housing Makerere University Fort Portal Campus.
Kabarole district local government is accusing the Kingdom administration for failing to remit money for the occupation of two buildings that are being claimed by both institutions.
In October last year, Makerere University Fort Portal campus, relocated to the kingdom administrative seat at Mucwa and occupied the education and health buildings that were formerly used by the Kabarole district administration. 
Last month, Makerere University paid 27 million shillings to Tooro Kingdom for renting the two buildings for a year.
However, Richard Rwabuhinga, the Kabarole district LC5 chairperson, says that the Kingdom is supposed to remit 50% of the proceeds every month to the district, but for the past two months, no money has been deposited on the district account.
According to Rwabuhinga, in October last year he held a meeting with King Oyo, Kingdom Premier Steven Kaliba and the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa and it was agreed that the Kingdom would remit 50% of the revenue from rent, to the district.
The mater came up during Monday's district council sitting and the councillors agreed to petition the Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesige over the matter.
 But in telephone interview, the Tooro Kingdom Premier, Steven Kaliba, denied that an agreement was reached between the Kingdom and the local government.  Kaliba admitted that the matter was discussed, but there wasn’t a conclusion on the issue.
According to Kaliba, during the meeting, it was agreed that the district writes a proposal which it was supposed to forward to the Kingdom, but failed. 
In a new twist, Kaliba also said that the local government shouldn’t force the kingdom to remit the funds, since the buildings belong to the Kingdom and not the district.
But Rwabuhinga insists that the two buildings belong to the district. He says that one of the buildings was constructed in 2001 by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and when the project was closed, the building was handed to the district.
The relationship between the Kingdom and the local government has been shaky since 2009, when Tooro kingdom evicted the leadership of Kabarole district local government due to outstanding rental arrears.  The then kingdom premier, the late William Nyakatuura wrote to the district asking them to pay and leave. Nyakatuura said at that time that the district owed the kingdom over 12 million shillings in rent arrears.


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