Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister Sacked

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William Nyakatura, the Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister, has been sacked on the orders of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, currently in London for his studies. Nyakatura has been ordered to vacate the office immediately and handover to the Deputy Prime Minster Shem Rubale. The reasons for the ministers sacking are however not stated in a letter that was faxed from London this morning. The letter dated October 15th 2010, however commends Nyakatura for the time he has dedicated to the Kingdom activities. But for the past two months, Nyakatura has been in conflict with Francis Mugenyi, Oyo's private secretary. In August Mugenyi ordered Nyakatura to reinstate Augustine Kayonga, the Chairperson of the kingdom land board, who he suspended for insubordination. Nyakatura however defied the order, prompting anger from Mugenyi who wrote to King Oyo accusing Nyakatura of defying his orders. Last month, Oyo appointed Mugenyi and Kayonga as signatories to every land transaction in the kingdom while he is abroad for studies. But Nyakatura rejected the King's appointments on grounds that any appointment must be approved by the kingdom cabinet and kingdom parliament. Nyakatura could not be reached for a comment. He was chairing an emergency cabinet meeting at the kingdom headquarters in Mucwa. Tooro Kingdom prime ministers have since 2006, either been sacked or removed forcefully from office. In 2006, David Rusa was sacked on the orders of Toro Queen Mother Best Kemigisa. Kemigisa claims that Rusa's appointment was illegal. The kingdom offices at Mucwa were also closed on the orders of Kemigisa to stop Rusa from accessing them. In 2007, Steven Irumba who served for only one year also resigned on grounds that his work was being interfered with by palace led by Kemigisa. Nyakatura then replaced Irumba in March 2008.


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Emmanuel Kajubu is proud to have been the first Ugandan journalist to write in depth pieces about the Tooro Kingdom institution. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Tooro Kingdom is what made him privy to the splits in the royal family. These splits almost challenged Tooro Omukama Oyo Nyimba Iguru's reign.

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