Tooro Parliament Calls for Dialogue to End Leadership Impasse

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Vincent Baguma, a member of the parliament said the events in Tooro have embarrassed King Oyo, his subjects and members of the royal family.

Members of the Tooro Kingdom Parliament, the Orukurato have called for dialogue to solve the on-going standoff in the Kingdom.

During their Thursday meeting that lasted for more than 8-hours at the Kingdom Headquarters-Mucwa, the members said that the conflicts should be resolved amicably to avoid disunity.

Throughout the meeting, the members remained silent on plans to oust King Oyo.  The proceedings of the meeting were followed from the gallery by a large number of kingdom subjects. 

Vincent Baguma, a member of the parliament said the events in Tooro have embarrassed King Oyo, his subjects and members of the royal family. He says that if the disagreements aren't resolved, factions are likely to emerge as subjects are torn between paying allegiance to Oyo or Prince David Kijanangoma, who initiated the talk to oust the King.
//Cue in: "dialogue is good…
Cue out: "…who to support."//
Elizabeth Baguma, one of the members says that there are better ways of solving the conflicts other than deposing the king. Another member Henry Rugaju wants President Museveni, Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru and Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi, the guardians of King Oyo to intervene in the conflict.

Henry Rugaju accused some officials in the kingdom of misleading the King. He says that some people in the kingdom feel they are not part of the kingdom because they have been detached from their King.

He explains that unlike other kingdoms in the country which help their people, Tooro kingdom administration has failed to help its subjects. According to Rugaju, the kingdom has for instance failed to set up income generating projects for special interest groups and giving bursaries to needy students.
//Cue in: "no stability at all…
Cue out: "…with the institution."//
But their counterpart Patrick Nyakana says that there is no need for dialogue. He says that King Oyo should show he is in-charge of the kingdom by living in his kingdom and take decisions of his own.

Nyakana says that he is disappointed that five years ago, the King unveiled a five year development plan, but it has never been implemented.

He wants the King to address the issues that were raised by Prince David Kijanangoma, which will ll bring some stability in the kingdom.


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