Torrential Rains Waste Kamuli, Buyende Road Network

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In short
Torrential rains have ravaged roads in Kamuli and Buyende districts affecting transport in the area.

The road network in Kamuli and Buyende districts has become increasingly impenetrable following torrential rains that have ravaged roads in Eastern Uganda.  Business and transport remains paralyzed, yet there is little hope that the situation will be fixed anytime soon.

The torrents have been aided by the heavy trucks carrying merchandise like fish, sugarcane, livestock and other agricultural produce which dig up the eroded murram ways with galleys, rendering them impassable.

Travelers and traders struggle to access the district as the areas of Nkondo, Bugaya, Buyende and Kidera remain totally cut off.  Since Tuesday, traffic leading to Buyende district town council through Nkondo and Bugaya trading Centre from Kamuli town was blocked as motorists and pedestrians struggled to use the battered road.

Daily commuters from Nkondo Sub County, market traders, and other road users were blocked for hours as vehicles got stuck in the muddy road stretching from Kamuli town to Kidera trading centre via Buyende town council.

As a result, transport fares have been hiked while the farmers have also failed to deliver their produce to the markets in time.

Simon Muluya, a fresh fruits trader tells Uganda Radio Network that he has on several occasions failed to supply his produce to large-scale clients in Kamuli largely because of the dangerous condition of the road. Instead he sells to individuals at a lower rate.

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Richard Taligoola, a sugarcane grower also failed to transport sugarcane from Buyende to Kamuli after his loaded lorry fell into a ditch and broke its axle.

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David Okwakol a cattle trader warns that the state of the road will keep many of them out of the business because the risks involved at the moment outweigh the gains.
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Michael Kanaku Buyende district LCV Chairman says the most affected roads stretching over 90 kilometers are under Uganda National Road Authority, not the local governments.

But Steven Kisubi, the Eastern region Uganda National Road Authority - UNRA Engineer says the problem was worsened by the prolonged rains but adds that the roads will be repaired before the end of this financial year.