Traders Protest Ban of Ugandan currency in Nimule

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Two weeks ago, South Sudanese authorities banned the use of the Ugandan shilling in Nimule town in favor of the south Sudanese pound.

Members of the Ugandan business community in the South Sudanese town of Nimuli are protesting a decision by the local authorities to ban the use of the Ugandan currency in the area. Two weeks ago, South Sudanese authorities banned the use of the Ugandan shilling in Nimule town in favor of the south Sudanese pound.
The south Sudan authorities blame the Ugandan traders of flooding their market with the Ugandan shilling which has affected the value of their currency against major currencies like the US dollar. However, the decision by the South Sudanese authorities to ban the use of shillings has not gone down well with Ugandan traders.
Vinny Buruga, one of the Ugandan traders operating in Nimule says that when the ban was announced two weeks ago, many Ugandan traders had to travel back to either Bibia or Gulu to convert the money before returning to Nimule. He alleges that the south Sudanese in Nimule have been complaining about the fake Ugandan currency that has flooded their market, leading to the loss of their goods.
Judith Bako, fruit dealer says that transacting business in the Ugandan currency has been very easy, arguing that finding small denominations for the Sudanese pound is not easy. She appeals to the Ugandan authorities to intervene, saying the South Sudan authorities could have taken the decision to ban the shilling in reaction to the recent trader’s strike.
John Bosco Ocan, the LC 3 chairperson of Atiak Sub County the border Sudan says that they are not aware of the ban of the use of the Ugandan currency. He however says that if the claim is true, it would attract another conflict between members of the countries. Asuman Mugenyi, the Political Commissar of Uganda Police has asked the Ugandan traders to stay calm and not to revenge against south Sudanese in the country.
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The south Sudanese authorities have not yet commented on the ban of the Ugandan shillings as they couldn’t be reached by our reporter.


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