Traditional Healers Blame Media for Promoting Child Sacrifice

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Traditional Healers have blamed media for promoting child sacrifice saying that they run adverts of those who purport to be traditional healers who in the end sacrifice people.

 Traditional Healers have blamed media for promoting child sacrifice saying that they run adverts of those who purport to be traditional healers who in the end sacrifice people.
They were appearing before Parliament’s Committee for Gender chaired by Workers MP Arinaitwe Rwakajara which is handling a petition on Anti-Child Sacrifice and Ritual Murder of Children.
The petition was presented on the floor of Parliament of 4th July 2012 by Namutumba Woman MP Florence Mutyabule also the chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Children. 
The traditional healers who appeared under their umbrella association “Uganda ne Ddagala no Buwangwa Bwafe” were led by their President General Namutebi Sylivia also known as Maama Fina.
The President of Uganda ne Ddagala no Buwangwa Bwafe, Sylivia Namutebi noted that in ther practice as traditional healers there in no human body part that is used to give blessings to people or give wealth to someone.
She noted that they only entertain animal sacrifices citing sacrificing cocks, goats and cows.
She blamed media for misinterpreting the rampant human sacrifices in the country by tagging them to traditional healers who they say make human sacrifices for wealth.
Namutebi said that these media reports influence people to think that when they sacrifice fellow human they will get wealth.
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Kakinda Serwadda, the Speaker of Uganda ne Ddagala no Buwangwa Bwaffe, noted that there is no culture in Uganda that promotes human sacrifice directed at achieving something.
He said that they as Uganda ne Ddagala no Buwangwa Bwaffe are trying to screen traditional healers in order and record the genuine ones but blamed the media for failing their work.
He noted that most of the fake traditional healers promoted on radio stations run away from their mentors and start up their businesses without mastering fully what they are supposed to do and in the end con people and others engage in acts of human sacrifice.
Kakinda said that it is the fake traditional healers who after conning their clients ask for the unachievable citing children for sacrifice as a way of scaring them off but in the end get surprised when these clients turn up with what they were required of hence sacrificing humans.
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The traditional healers are now appealing to Parliament to enact a law that prohibits traditional healers from making deceptive advertisements.
Namutebi Sylivia notes that they currently have no law under which they can punish fake traditional healers who make deceptive advertisements citing enlargement of male private parts, provision of wealth, enhancing male sexual prowess and others.
She noted that they are not against traditional healers advertising themselves but that they are against false adverts that tarnish the genuine traditional healers.
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