Two Dead, Four Injured in Kraal Raid

1563 Views Moroto, Uganda
Two soldiers have been killed and four others injured in a raid on a UPDF protected Kraal in Nadunget sub-County in Moroto district. The raid by suspected warriors from the Jie tribe in Karamoja occurred on Wednesday night at around 11:30pm. Captain Deo Akiiki, the 3rd Division UPDF spokesman, says that a fight ensued, after the warriors were blocked from stealing cattle from the Kraal. Armed with their AK47 riffles, the warriors opened fire at the soldiers prompting a gunfire exchange, in which two soldiers were killed and four others injured. He says high towering warriors and opinion leaders in Karamoja commanded the raid. The number of causalities on the warrior's side is not yet clear, but captain Akiiki says that the army saw one body, as the warriors retreated. The identities of the dead soldiers are still being kept secret and will only be made public after the army has informed the deceased's next of kin.


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