UACE Candidates Cautioned Against Malpractice

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Samuel Kyewalyanga, head teacher Lake Side College Luzira, says they emphasised the need to avoid cheating which has become common during of exams.

Head teachers today cautioned senior six candidates not to get involved in any form of examination malpractice.
At exactly 9:00 am, most Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) candidates were settled into various facilities across the country to attend Uganda National Examination Board's (UNEB) mandatory briefing session.
At the schools where URN attended briefing sessions, candidates were cautioned to avoid being tempted to buy examination papers as was the case during the just concluded Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examinations.
Samuel Kyewalyanga, head teacher Lake Side College Luzira, says they emphasised the need to avoid cheating which has become common during of exams.
//Cue in; "Participating in cheating...
Cue out…will be disturbed."//
Kyewalyanga told candidates at his school not to be tempted to get involved in any kind of examination malpractice because UNEB would find out and they would be penalized. In addition to this, mobile phones have been banned on school premises for the duration of the examinations.
"We have banned the use of mobile phones on the school campus for the duration of the examinations to avoid leaked papers or rumours of them that have been circulating on social media," Kyewalyanga said.  
Grace Nantagya Ssebanakitta, head teacher Luzira Secondary School, says that they cautioned their students about examination malpractice because they are scared exams might leak.
//Cue in; "We cautioned students...
Cue out…be this time."//
Matthew Katongole, a Student's Warden says that they have warned their students not to be tempted to spread leaked exams within their school premises.
"We have warned our students that if any of them is found trying to distribute exams within the schools, we shall deal with them according to the school rules and regulations."
According to the school rules, such a student can be expelled from the school. In addition to this, the school has asked candidates to hand in all their mobile phones and laptop computers before they are confiscated by relevant authorities. "We are asking for their phones to avoid the stress associated with leaked exams."
Dan Nokrach Odongo, UNEB executive secretary says that schools should not be worried about examinations leaking. "We are working with the police to make sure that this round of exams goes off without any cases of leakages."
This year's examinations have been marred by rumours of leakages. UNEB admitted that some examination papers had leaked but that security measures had been increased to stop further leakage. Thirty arrests have been made in relation to examination malpractice this year during both UCE and Primary Leaving Examinations.
A total of 101,131 candidates are registered to sit this year's UACE examination from a total of 2,205 centres around the country.


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