Uganda Asks DR Congo to Sign MoU on Ebola fight

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For about six months now the two countries have been deliberating about the best way to fight and or prevent the deadly Ebola Virus Disease and signing an MoU to enable the two countries do a number of things together to eliminate the disease was seen as a step in the right direction.

The Health Minister, Jane Ruth Aceng has appealed to the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to expedite the signing of a memorandum of Understanding on the fight against Ebola.
For about six months now the two countries have been deliberating on the best ways to fight or prevent the deadly Ebola Virus disease. Signing an MoU to enable the two countries do a number of things together to fight and try to eliminate the disease is seen as a positive step.
According to Aceng, the MoU whose draft was written by the Ugandan government is awaiting perusal by the DRC officials.
Speaking during a meeting between Uganda and DRC officials, Dr Aceng reiterated the need to have the agreement expeditiously signed to facilitate the different activities that would be done when it comes into force.
The health minister believes that once the MoU is signed, it will become easier and legal for the two countries to share information and medical experts.
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She adds that the MoU will also cater for the sharing of samples and results of suspected cases of viral epidemics. Aceng said this would be a big boost in fighting Ebola and other related diseases.
Aceng reiterated that since the Congolese officials who informed their Ugandan counter parts about a possible contact with an Ebola victim who had crossed to Uganda in the confirmed cases is indicative of the fact that the signing of the agreement is overdue.

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Gastor Tshapande, the coordinator of the Ebola Response Team at Beni, led the Congolese delegation to Uganda during the meeting that took place at Bwera Hospital in Kasese on Wednesday.

Tshapande concurred with Aceng that the MoU would go a long way in helping the people of Uganda and the DRC in fighting epidemics. He promised to engage the line ministry in the DRC to follow up the matter.


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