Uganda Earns UGX 2b from Collaborative Arrangements with Tour Firms

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Under such arrangements, several accommodation facilities have been put by private entities in many parks across the country. Some of the most prominent facilities include, Para Safari lodge in Murchison Falls National Park, Pakuba Lodge, Lake Mburo facilities and several other accommodation facilities.

Uganda earns over UGX 2 Billion from collaborative arrangements with private tour service providers in National Parks across the country, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) records indicate.

Under the arrangement, private service providers are invited to construct accommodation facilities, roads, administrative structures and other tourism related activities wthin the parks.

Some of the most prominent facilities arising out of the understanding are Paraa and Chobe Safari Lodges in Murchison Falls National Park, Pakuba Lodge and Lake Mburo facilities among others.

Raymond Engena, the Director of Tourism Development and Business Services at Uganda Wildlife Authority, says through such venture, the tourism sector has been earning good amounts of money.

He says on average the sector earns at least UGX 2.2 billion annually. He says this is done through fixed and variable charges.

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Engena adds that several Ugandan firms have equally shown interest in investing in the tourism sector.

He states that in the 1990’s all investors who ventured into building facilities within the parks were foreign, but the trend is being reverse d as locally owned and registered companies take on the challenge.

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