Uganda on Course to Reduce Poverty by Half in 2010

1323 Views Kampala, Uganda
Many African countries, including Uganda, Senegal, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana and Cape Verde, have lifted significant percentages of their citizens above the poverty line, a World Bank Report has said. The annual World Bank publication, African Development Indicators 2006, says these countries are likely to be on course to meet the Millennium Development Goal target of halving poverty by 2010. Gobind Nankani, the World Bank vice-president for Africa, says the continent is on the move, making tangible progress on delivering better health, education, growth, trade and poverty-reduction outcomes. The report depicts a diverse continent, with several countries making remarkable progress, some stagnating and others lagging seriously behind. The full spectrum of achievers and stragglers stretches from Zimbabwe, which recorded a negative growth rate of 2.4 percent to Equatorial Guinea, which recorded a 20.9 percent growth rate. According to the report, Zimbabwe is the only African country which achieved a negative growth rate in 2004.