Ugandan Athletes Not Doping - Otuchet

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The Federation of the Uganda Athletics Federation UAF has denied that some of their elite runners have been using drugs as is rumoured by some reports circulating.

The Federation of the Uganda Athletics Federation (UAF) has denied that some of their elite runners have been using drugs as is alleged by some  circulating reports.

In a report leaked to the Sunday Times (England) by a whistle blower on November 15th Uganda is indicated as one of the countries whose top athletes have had suspicious blood tests.

Dominic Otuchet, President of the Federation told URN in a phone interview that no Ugandan athlete has failed a drugs test and denied any cover-up. "Normally if there is a failed drugs test then it is brought to the attention of the athlete and the Federation. But all this has never happened for us," said Otuchet.

The President however added that they will not keep silent over the matter and will ask from authorities around the world so that they get this report and start their own investigations. The leaked investigation targets a number of athletes between 2001 to 2012 with Russia topping the list. The report indicates that between that period about 13 Ugandan athletes had suspicious blood tests.

The development comes after a leaked investigations by a whistle blower in the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) that several Russian athletes are using drugs. The World Anti-Doping Agency has called for the Russian athletics federation to be suspended.

Kenya who are renowned for producing many of the world's greatest distance runners are also under the spotlight with some athletes already banned for failed drugs tests, while others have been judged to have had suspicious blood test results.
Otuchet said that anyone with evidence against any Ugandan athlete should come forward and present it. "I have been in athletes leadership since 1999 and there has been nothing like failed drugs tests for any Ugandan athlete," he added.