Ugandan Banks are Adequately Prepared for Fires - Fire Brigade

1570 Views Kampala, Uganda
Ugandans need not worry about fires breaking out at their banks. The chief fire officer, Lawrence Adima, says Ugandan banks have some of the best fire safety measures of any commercial properties in Uganda. Adima's assurances follow the outbreak of a fire at the Diamond Trust Bank headquarters in Kampala on Thursday. The fire was caused by a short circuit and bank staff managed to put it out using fire extinguishers before it caused heavy damage. Adima says most of the banks in Uganda adhere to very good fire safety measures because they are required to conduct thorough risk assessments before they are granted licenses. He says the banks are protected by a range of equipment like rail hoses, smoke detectors, sprinklers and alarms to ensure that fires do not burn out of control. //Cue in: iOther banks #i Cue out: i# the risk assessment.i// Last year the fire brigade started a special training program for banks, starting with the Bank of Uganda. Adima says several banks have requested for fire drills to help them prepare for disasters. Adima says training and fire drills are necessary for all buildings in Kampala because the fire department is under funded, has limited equipment and congestion in the city can delay response times.