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Ugandas men and women teams lost in the eighth round at the on-going 42nd World Chess Olympiad on Saturday in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Uganda's men and women teams lost in the eighth round at the on-going 42nd World Chess Olympiad on Saturday in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The men's team lost to the high-rated Moroccan team 1- 3, while the women's team fell to Kenya.

Playing with white pieces on board one Fide Master  (FM) Patrick Kawuma lost to International Master (IM) Tissir M on his 29th move while FM Harold Wanyama, who played with black pieces on the second board, lost to Candidate Master (CM) Choukri Abdel (2269) after making 76 moves. Emmanuel Mwaka lost to IM Hafid Rachid on board four.

Farouk Fauza, who is playing at the Olympiad for the first time, outplayed a much higher-rated Becham K (2134) on board three to win his game.

Kawuma told URN that he lost his game because of the variation that he chose to use in his game. "I believe I chose a variation that I had not mastered very well and that gave my opponent an advantage because he knew where the game was heading. However, I am determined apply a better strategy in these remaining rounds," he said.

Following the loss the men's team are currently ranked at 132 position out of 169 in the open section. In earlier rounds they beat Maldives 3-1, Mauritius 2.5-1.5 and Angola but lost in their sixth round game to Myanmar.

In the game against Kenya, WFM Grace Kigeni suffered the only defeat against a much lower-rated Gloria Jumba (1591), while WFM Gorretti Angolikin and Joyce Kabengano drew their games with WCMs Jane Wambugu (1542) and Purity Maina (1548) after a hard fought battle.

There was a wrong pairing which placed Phiona Mutesi, who is currently in the USA for the launch of her movie Queen of Katwe, with a Kenyan opponent instead of WFM Christine Namaganda. Namaganda has continued to display an impressive show despite missing the first five rounds due to delays in securing her ticket to travel for the event. She won her two consecutive games against United Arab Emirates and Angola.

They women are now ranked 121 out of 133 in the women's section. They beat Honduras and Tunisia 3.5-0.5 respectively and lost to United Arab Emirates 1.5-2.5 and Hong Kong 1.5-2.5.

Currently USA and China are leading in the open and women's sections with 14 points apiece after beating Russia and China in today's match.