Ugandan Troops Attacked by Islamists in Mogadishu

1483 Views Mogadishu, Somalia
Ugandan troops serving in an African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia came under fire in Mogadishu today. Witnesses said 10 civilians were wounded in the clashes between the peacekeepers and Somali insurgents. Mareeg news reports that the insurgents fired artillery into Mogadishu's southern K4 quarter where Ugandan troops are based, drawing retaliatory fire. 10 people were sounded when a Rocket Propelled Grenades and mortars hit houses nearby. Several other residents said stray gunfire had wounded two further civilians. The African Union Force has been in Mogadishu since March 2007. It is made up of about 3,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi. Bahoku Barigye, spokesperson of the peacekeeping force, said the peacekeepers did not suffer any casualties. Wednesday's violence comes a day after Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf appointed a new premier. A week ago he sacked his Prime Minister, Nor Hassan Hussein, splitting the fragile coalition that makes up the Somali transitional government. Somalia has been without an effective government since the 1991.


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