UN Security Council Support Attacks on LRA

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The United Nations Security Council has announced its support of the join military operation launched by Uganda, Southern Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo against the Lord's Resistance Army. Joachim Chissano, the UN Secretary-General's envoy to LRA affected areas, yesterday disclosed that the Security Council expressed sympathy and support the military action. He said the council urged that the peace process be continued despite the fact that the LRA leader Joseph Kony had failed, once again, to sign a peace agreement with government. Chissano, a former president of Mozambique, said he personally made an appeal for the international community to support the effort of the Ugandan government. The offensive agreed by Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and southern Sudan, with backing from Washington, began on Sunday with an aerial attack against LRA camps in the remote Garamba National Park in eastern Congo. UN Council diplomats said they hope to agree on a unanimous statement backing efforts against the LRA in the coming days. Britain's U.N. Ambassador John Sawers told reporters in New York that the military action to end the LRA was necessary since Kony had refused to cooperate in the peace process. He described Kony's militia as a "festering sore in this region of Africa."