UNBS Impounds Banned Skin Products

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However, Cartons of carol light, top Claire plus, Tamarin, Peau-Claire and cocoderm creams and lotions, are still on display at shops in the suburbs of Kamwokya, Wandegeya, Ntinda and part of Kikuubo in down town Kampala.

Several suppliers of skin and beauty products in Kampala have been put out of business as the Uganda National Bureau of Standards enforces a ban on beauty products with mercury and hydroquinone.

UNBS had issued a three month ultimatum from March 2016, for traders to dispose off over 100 different types of cosmetics over health reasons. They include 98 creams, 30 lotions and over 20 soap brands.

The World Health Organisation says that mercury, a key ingredient in most of the products, causes kidney damage, skin damage, and rash and reduces the skins ability to resist bacterial and fungal infections.

WHO adds that the other ingredient; Hydroquinone is linked to cancer, organ system toxicity and, respiratory tract irritation.

But despite the ban and numerous health warnings, the products remained on sale in shops across Kampala. Until now, Cartons of carol light, top Claire plus, Tamarin, Peau-Claire and cocoderm creams and lotions, are still on display at shops in the suburbs of Kamwokya, Wandegeya, Ntinda and part of Kikuubo in down town Kampala.

Some shop attendant's told URN that they are not aware of the ultimatum and do not have a list of the banned items. But Uganda National Bureau of Standards -UNBS says it's making impromptu operations to the business centres since the ban came into effect two weeks ago.

Vincent Ochwo, the UNBS head of surveillance says operations have mainly focused on Kikuubo trading center because they are the main suppliers. He says the operations will continue until the rid the market off these products.

A walk through mid-city arcade in Kampala found a number of shops had been closed for selling the skin lightening products. Up to fifteen wholesale shops were closed down yesterday during a joint operation conducted by UNBS and Uganda Revenue Authority.

Joyce Nekesa, a dealer in beauty products says the ban may not be effective since the products are still on demand.

James Makumbi, the chairperson of traders in Kikuubo questions why the products are not impounded before entering the Ugandan market.
//Cue in: "silaba lwaki…
Cue out: ……abantu tebamanyi."//
Traders that URN spoke to questioned why government agencies are focusing on products with hydroquinone and mercury as opposed to fake products on the market.

List of Prohibited Cosmetic Products Containing Hydroquinone Creams

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