UNBS: We are crippled due to lack of staff

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UNBS currently has only 12 employees to certify over 1500 products, 5 inspection officers and requires at least 211 technical staff to strengthen its regional and border inspection offices.

Uganda may have to wait much longer before substandard products are cleared off the market as the Uganda Bureau of Standards says it is not well resourced to curb the growing number of fake and substandard products on the market.
Dr. Ben Manyindo, the Bureau of Standards Executive Director says the Bureau is not well resourced both in human and financial terms to meet the huge task it is faced with.

He says the Bureau has only twelve employees to certify over 1500 products with only five inspection officers.
Uganda Bureau of Standards according to Manyindo requires at least 211 technical staff to strengthen its regional and border inspection offices.

He says recruiting the required additional staff would cost about 8.4 billion Shillings.
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Manufacturers and sellers of substandard goods according to Manyindo distribute and sell such goods in the evening in order to avoid arrest.

UNBS is seeking additional 11 billion Shillings to their financial budget. It was allocated over eighteen billion Shillings in the 2014/2015.
The money is expected to cater for the recruitment of 92 staff and build a food safety laboratory for testing imported and locally manufactured foods.

The committee vice chairperson, Grace Namara wondered why the body has not prioritized consumer education and public awareness in a bid to protect the market from substandard goods.
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In response, Manyindo explained that the Ministry of Finance had asserted that it did not have the 1.2 billion Shillings that was planned for the programme.

Kanungu Woman MP, Elizabeth Karungi however says UNBS, despite the constraints, should extend its work to other parts of the country.
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