UNEB Supervisors in Kanungu Overwhelmed By Numbers

2710 Views Kanungu, Western Region, Uganda
The big number of candidates presented for this year's examination session in Kanungu has posed a challenge for the UNEB supervisors there. The number of candidates has more than doubled and yet the examination halls have not been expanded to facilitate the swelling numbers. At Kihiihi High School in Kanungu district, the number of candidates sitting the O level exams this year shot up to 174 candidates compared to only 63 in 2009. Stanley Turyasingura, the Kihiihi High school head teacher, says the school has been forced to create three more rooms to make five the number of rooms being used for the examination session. He says that while UNEB materials arrived in time, the school found it difficult to begin the exams on time because of the long time spent inspecting the candidates. Supervisors have this morning been forced to create more space and allocate more time for inspecting each and every candidate entering the examination hall. At Nyakinoni Sec School in Nyamirama sub county, it took the supervisors posted there about two hours to clear the students most of who were enrolled after the government received a Chinese grant to rehabilitate the school. A poor road network however posed a glitch for Rugyeyo Secondary school. Candidates had to wait for close to one hour for the exams, which were being transported from Kanungu District Headquarters. While examinations tend to pose a state of fright from some candidates, the story was different at St. Theressa of Calcutta, where the candidates were found in high spirits because they belong to the pioneer group of candidates the school is presenting for UNEB.


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