Unity Call As King Oyo Unveils New Cabinet

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Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru has called for an end to the conflicts in the kingdom as he unveiled the new Prime Minister and cabinet.

Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru has called for an end to the conflicts in the kingdom as he unveiled the new Prime Minister and cabinet.

King Oyo addressed the Kingdom parliament, the Orukurato, at his palace in Fort Portal at the inauguration ceremony of the new Premier or the Omuhikirwa Steven Kaliba on Sunday.

Presenting Kaliba’s name and that of his deputy Harriet Nyakake to the kingdom parliament, King Oyo who spoke in Rutooro said there shouldn’t be disunity since the kingdom belongs to all the Batooro.

//Cue in: “Ninsiima…
Cue out:…Mukama abalinde.”//

Here is a translation of King Oyo’s message: “I want to thank all the ministers who have previously served the kingdom. I now present to you the name of the Kingdom prime minister, Steven Kaliba and his deputy Harriet Nyakake. I thank you for supporting the kingdom and urge you to stop bickering as this will divide the kingdom which belongs to all of us. I now officially open the Kingdom parliament and wish you fruitful deliberations. God bless you.”

King Oyo’s statement drew applause from members of the kingdom parliament, his sister Princess Ruth Komuntale, the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa and other guests.

Although he didn’t elaborate on the conflicts, this is the first time King Oyo has spoken out the issue which has dragged on for several years.

Kaliba was sworn in by a commissioner of oaths, Mariam Kansiime at the Kingdom palace. This was after the Chief Magistrate was hesitant to preside over the ceremony because of a pending case at the Fort Portal High Court challenging Kaliba’s appointment.

King Oyo was last month sued for what some members of the kingdom clan council called illegal appointment of Kaliba as and suspension of the Kingdom constitution.
After taking oath, Kaliba knelt before King Oyo who placed a white bead around his neck. Kaliba then kissed King Oyo’s palms.

The former university professor and Member of Parliament then presented to King Oyo a list of 22 cabinet ministers and their deputies. The ministers later took oath and then prostrated before King Oyo.  

Prominent among those appointed ministers include Engineer Godfrey Mutabazi, the Executive Director of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC),  who has been appointed Information Minister, and Patrick Kamara Nyakahuma, a journalist who was appointed Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Others include former Kabarole Woman MP Margaret Muhanga, who has been appointed Minister for Gender, Labour and Social development. Also appointed was Kenneth Barungi, an employee of Kakira Sugar Works, who takes up the portfolio of Tourism Trade and Industry. He is to be deputised by Anna Bagaya, who just graduated from Makerere University.

Highlighting his plans for the Kingdom, Kaliba said that the kingdom will establish the Tooro Investment Board which will search for opportunities and attract investors into the Kingdom. He says that this will increase revenue for the kingdom and local governments in the Tooro region.

Kaliba also revealed that the Kingdom plans to set up the Tooro Royal University and that by 2014 the institution will be in place and operational.


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