Unlicensed Driving Schools Face Closure

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He says that more than 100 driving schools are operating illegally and will be closed.

Police has teamed up with the Transport Licensing Board, and Inspectorate of Vehicles to crack down on unlicensed driving schools. Winston Katushabe, the secretary Transport Licensing Board says that only 18 driving schools in Kampala and 26 countrywide are licensed to operate. He says that more than 100 driving schools are operating illegally and will be closed.  He says the crackdown on the illegal driving schools is aimed at implementing the Traffic and Road Safety Regulation.

According to the new operational guidelines, driving schools must be registered and licensed on top of having qualified and licensed instructors. In terms of training, it is mandatory for the learner drivers to go through theory session and thorough practicals to prepare for a driving test that is conducted by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV). Allan Atuheire, the Director of Inspectorate of Vehicles IOV says that the guidelines will eliminate incidences of corruption and other loopholes that would otherwise put ill trained drivers on the road.

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Uganda is a signatory of the United Nations decade of Action, which guides member states to reduce accidents annually by 50 percent. Winston Katushabe, the secretary TLB points out that contrary to this action plan, the country losses 3500 people annually to road carnage leading to huge economic losses. Under the new measures, each licensed driving school will be required to submit a monthly review of the number of drivers trained, of which classes both theory and practical they have achieved and the number of driving licenses issued.

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Lawrence Niwabiine, the Traffic Officer in charge of Kampala Metropolitan police says the vehicles used for training must be in good mechanical conditions and driving schools should have ample training and parking grounds, spacious classrooms before they can be licensed.

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Fred Impanga Ssempa, the Executive Director Uganda Driving Standards Agency explained that it is unfortunate that some of the drivers of Passenger Service Vehicles are trained in unregistered institutions.

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The parties in the driving industry were meeting with instructors and proprietors of licensed driving schools Monday, at TLB offices.