UPC Negotiates With Primaries Losers

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In short
Uganda Peoples Congress party wants the aspirants who lost in Apac to withdraw a court case on the primaries, so that the matter can be resolved internally.

Uganda People's Congress (UPC) party has started negotiating with aspirants who lost in the party primaries in Apac district to withdraw a court case.

The talks are aimed at having the aspirants withdraw a court case against the party, and an injunction barring flag bearers for the UPC from campaigning.

Apac district UPC chairperson, David Ojok confirms the talks, so that the matter can be resolved internally. 

Ojok says the party leadership is reaching out to all the petitioners on individual basis.

The Lango regional UPC vice chairperson who supervised the election, Chris Ongom says they want the matter to be settled out of court.

Ongom says if the case is allowed to continue, party support in region will be affected.

Innocent Omara, who sought the party flag for Kwania County MP, petitioned the court on irregularities in the primaries. He is supported by current District Woman MP, Lucy Ajok, who lost in the primaries.

The petitioners claimed the election was marred with ballot stuffing, bribery and having non-members of the UPC Electoral College to vote.

On Friday last week, the High Court in Lira issued an interim injunction barring UPC from presenting the winners of the disputed election as the official party flag bearers.

Those affected by the ruling include Alex Ogwal Adyel for Kwania County MP seat, Kenny Auma Lapat who defeated incumbent Apac Woman MP Lucy Ajok, and the Apac district LC 5 chairman, Bob Okae who won the party ticket to contest again.

The petitioners want the party instead to organize fresh elections in the contested areas.