UPDF Hunting Ex-Servicemen For Disappearing With War Materials

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In short
The army authorities are expressing concern that the ex-servicemen melted away with war materials upon arrival in the country

Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF has threatened to arrest unspecified number of ex-servicemen accused of disappearing with war materials. The suspects are part of 2000 UPDF veterans, who were recalled and deployed in Somalia to serve under UGABAG 12 fighting group. However, after returning home some of the veterans returned home and  vanished with military materials including uniforms, boots and caps.

Gen. Katumba Wamala, the Chief of Defense Forces says the ex-servicemen were supposed to handover the military ware to the army authorities before heading back to their homes. General Katumba explains that the only things the ex-servicemen were allowed to keep are military insignias and desert boots, which they were given by the African Union. He says the army is left with no choice but to round up the ex-servicemen if they refuse to voluntarily handover the military materials in their possession.

// Cue in: “Some of them…”
Cue out…they will misuse them” //

Katumba appeals to members of the public to help the army in tracking and arresting the ex-servicemen who are in possession of military gear. He says there’s fear in the military that the ex-servicemen may misuse the war materials. The army is however tight lipped on the number of veterans who have disappeared with materials war. Meanwhile the trial of 160 army deserters is underway at Gulu 4th Division Military Headquarters. Lt. Isaac Okware confirms that the soldiers are being tried by the division court martial in a closed session.