UPDF Kapchorwa Accident Blamed on Human Error

1154 Views Kampala, Uganda
A probe report into the road accident in which 72 UPDF soldiers and their family members were killed has ruled that the cause of the accident was human error. In late August 57 soldiers, 13 of their wives and two children were killed when trailer they were being transported on lost control near Kapchogo cliff at the foot of Mount Elgon in Kapchorwa. Army spokesperson, Major Felix Kulayigye, says two soldiers who sanctioned the travel of the soldiers in the overloaded truck and the trailer driver are accused of causing the accident. He says the driver is particularly to blame because he siphoned off fuel from the truck and then attempted to save the remaining diesel by driving down the steep slopes in Kapchorwa in neutral gear. //Cue in: iFirst error is the Captain #i Cue out: i# troops on such trailers.i Kulayigye says the battalion commander of the 67th battalion, Major Jingo, has been arrested for his role in the accident. Major Jingo reportedly ordered that a pickup truck be loaded on the same trailer that was carrying the soldiers and their families. Most of the victims of the accident perished when the pickup truck crashed them to death. Kulayigye said that following the report from the probe team, President Yoweri Museveni ordered that no more UPDF troops should be transported using the trailers.