UPDF Kill Nine LRA Fighters in 'Most Successful' Operation Lightning Thunder Campaign

2711 Views Gulu, Uganda
The Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) report today that nine rebel fighters have been killed and three others were captured in fighting in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo town of Diabie Adala. Captain Deo Akiki, spokesperson of the Uganda-led Operation Lightning Thunder in the DRC says the Lord's Resistance Army fighters were killed on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. He says six children who were abducted by the rebels were rescued during the battle. Captain Akiki reveals that UPDF helicopters on Wednesday bombed the forested and swampy areas of Pili-Pili, which is south of Diabie Adala. He says they targeted known LRA hideouts in the area. Several brand new Sudan army uniforms were recovered from the area. Captain Akiki describes Wednesday's operation as the most successful since Operation Lightning Thunder was launched in December last year.