UPDF Soldier Jailed For 50 years For Shooting Women


In short
Court says the soldier breached the UPDF code of conduct by turning the gun against people he was supposed to protect. He faces 50 years on each count of murder and five years for causing bodily harm.

The UPDF General Court Martial has sentenced a soldier to fifty years in jail for shooting two women. Private Wilson Chpetai allegedly shot dead the two women after he was stopped from playing a game of pool being denied to play at a bar in Luziira Kampala.
The Court chaired by Gen. Levi B Karuhanga said Wilson Cheptai as a soldier was supposed to protect civilians but he instead turned the gun against them. Cheptai was found guilty for violating the army code of conduct.
In April 2010, Wilson Cheptai allegedly shot and killed Regina Aber and Maria Alunnyo before and injuring Saidi Kibosi after he was denied a game of pool at Luzira Lake and Bristol Bar.
The court had last week convicted the 35-year old soldier for murdering the duo women after he found him guilty but reserved the sentencing for Tueday.
He was sentenced to 50 years in jail for murdering Aber, 50 years for murdering Alunnyo and 5 years for injuring Kibosi.
The chairman of the military court said the three sentences are to run concurrently, meaning he will have to serve 50 years in jail in total.
The court also advised the soldier to appeal against the sentence if he felt it was harsh.  
Prosecution had alleged that the soldier, who was a guard at Shadrack Nzaire's residence, committed the crime on April 16, 2010 at Lake Land Bristol Bar, in Luzira parish, Nakawa division, and Kampala district.
The incident allegedly happened when the soldier wanted to play a game of pool but was denied. He allegedly rushed back home and picked a rifle which he used to shoot and kill the two women when returned to the bar. He also injured Sayidi Kibosi .