USAID Launches New Support To The Justice, Law And Order Sector

1918 Views Kampala, Uganda
The USAID Mission to Uganda will provide support to the Justice, Law and Order Sector by funding a one-year project entitled iIncentivizing Peace in Uganda: Promoting Accountability and Reconciliation through Transitional Justicei. The project, which will be implemented through the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG), has an estimated budget of $577,000 million dollars. The activity will support the development and implementation of the key aspects of the Juba agreements on accountability and reconciliation. The main focus will be placed on developing mechanisms that support truth-telling, reconciliation and documentation of the conflict. In addition, support will ensure building the long-term capacity of policymakers for drafting legislation that supports reconciliation through truth-telling, while delivering transitional justice responsive to the wishes of local communities and national level organizations. Patricia Taft, the Chief of Party for PILPG, says that the project seeks to assist the Government of Uganda in facilitating plans to address local demands for transitional justice in order to achieve peace and reconciliation and mitigate chances for a resumption of violence. Ultimately, PILPG will provide support in four intervention areas. These are supporting the development of a comprehensive transitional justice plans that include processes for truth-telling and reconciliation, building the capacity of Government of Uganda to draft implementing legislation that supports the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms and to honor the victims of conflict by assisting the Government of Uganda to design a national strategy to memorialize events that have taken place. PILPG will also assist in the design of a national strategy for dissemination of information regarding the creation of transitional justice mechanisms.


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