Valley Dams Left to Waste Away

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In short
According to residents, the valley dams are silted due to lack of periodic maintenance and shoddy work

Three huge valley dams that were built by the Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Fisheries Ministry  15 years ago to address to supply water for livestock in Kyakwanzi and Kiboga districts have been left to waste. They are Kasejjere and Nakakabala valley dams in Kyankwanzi district and Wabikunyu in Kiboga district.

The three valley dams are part of the 19 large strategic water reservoirs, that were built in line with policy statement of the agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries ministry for the 1997/1998 financial year. According to residents, the valley dams are silted due to lack of periodic maintance and shoddy work. Shortly the after completion of the dams, MPs from the beneficiary districts argued that there was no value for money.

John Rwamasaka, the LC I chairperson Kasejjere village say Kasejjere valley dam had six functioning troughs but three have since broken down. Rwamasaka says that he visited the dam and found that it was not excavated to the 7.5 meters as it was provided for in the contract. He says that as a result the dam cant hold the estimated 350,000 cubic meters of water as planned which causes it to dry off completely immediately drought sets in.

He also says that the dam was silting with bare soil that was dumped on its banks.  Fred Ngaruye, resident of Kasejjere is worried that unless the dam is desilted it may soon be covered yet it is the only source of water in the area. Darrious Muhereza, resident of Kasejjere reveals that the dam water is not safe for human consumption and wants the district to sink bore holes to help them access clean water.

Abey Musoke, the LC I chairperson Wabikunyu village says the watering troughs at Wabikunyu dam were not completed as they were left on the floor level. He says as a result animals drink directly from the dam, which has facilitated silting. An animal deep that was include on the facility is no longer existent. Muhamudu Lule, a resident of Wabikunyu notes that part of the project land has since been sold off by local leaders.

Herbert Kadogo, the LC 3 chairperson Watuba sub-county says that at Nakakabala only a shallow opening was made with out an in let or out let. He says the contractor only put up a weak fence, whose poles have since been destroyed by termites. Hajji Hamimu Ssentongo, the Kyankwanzi district secretary for works and technical services appeals to the government to help in de-silting the dams saying the district has no capacity to do it and yet the facilities are dying off.

The Kiboga west Member of Parliament, Samuel Ssemugaba, insisted that there was no value for money on the dams.