Victims of Finacial Scam Tell of Tormenting Moments

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Hundreds of people who were depositors in the defunct Dutch International Ltd,are tormented Haunted by the finacial scam that attracted but later swallowed their monies. Samuel Magada, a Primary Teacher at Central SDA Primary School in Bweyogerere, explains that he had accumulated about one million seven hundred thousand shillings since February early this year. Magada is however happy that he was able to foot the tuition fee from the scheme. But in spite of this, Magada is one of the hundreds of people who are utterly disappointed by Dutch International LTD. //Cue in: I used to pay #// Cue out: #great looser. /// Dutch international Limited has been extorting money from its depositors with a promise of 30% dividend after every 30-day. Magada admits that the deal was too good to let go hence attracting so many people. //Cue in: You could not suspect anything #// Cue out: # it was so organized. /// Magada is more troubled by the fact that he had attracted so many people to the seemingly lucrative deal. //Cue in: I was with a certain lady #// Cue out: #part of the play. /// Dan Ntwatwa, an IT Technician is also one of the people that fell prey to the scam. Visibly stressed, Ntwatwa says that he borrowed 870,000 shillings from a friend and was able to pay back the money with a 130,000 shilling interest with support from the scheme. He however says that when things went wrong, he is finding it extremely difficult to recover his 3 million shilling principal. Ntwatwa says that he started suspecting a problem in September when he received an sms telling him that he wouldn't be able to get his money. To make matters worse, the soya and millet food supplements he was receiving had also run out in August. Fred Lukyamuzi, a motorcycle mechanic in Mukono, says that it all looked beyond doubt for anyone because he had been told that the company had a lot of investments including a hatchery at Wanyange in Jinja and other obscure investments at Kamukamu plaza. Dutch International is alleged to have defrauded 9,000 people of more than 90billion shillings in the ever biggest financial scam in Uganda.


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