Violence Against Children Increasing School Dropout Rates

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The Program Officer for African Network for Protection and Prevention of Children against Neglect, Geoffrey Dramani says the dropout rates remain high in West Nile because of violence against children.

Violence against children in schools remains a major cause of high school dropout in West Nile Region.

The program officer for African Network for Protection and Prevention of Children Against Neglect (ANPPCAN), Geoffrey Dramani says many children in the region still face treatment that discourages them from school. 

According to Dramani, they have found out that out of every 100 children in school, at least 90 of them have been tortured or treated violently by teachers or parents. 

Some of the violence against children includes battering, harsh punishment of digging, ferrying bricks and splitting fire wood.

Yumbe is the most affected district with school drop-outs. Only 12 percent of girls and 22 percent of boys manage to complete primary school.  In Arua district, only 46 percent of girls and 67 percent of boys complete primary seven.

In Koboko district, only 29 percent of girls and 45 percent of boys complete primary school.

Dramani also says sanitation in schools should be improved, to allow girls stay in school. He says despite a plan by government to provide sanitary pads, some of them even lack pants.

The high school dropout rate is one of the causes of high population growth rate in the region. The Program Supervisor for UNICEF in West Nile, Dr. Rabbin Drabe says children who drop out of school early give birth to 6-9 children in their lifetime, compared to 2-3 children produced by people who stay longer in school.

Dr. Drabe adds that the continuous population growth of Uganda is because a bigger population which is not educated continues to produce many children without planning for their future.