Voters Confront Legislators During Meeting to Popularize Kyakwanzi Resolution

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However, the exercise didn’t kick off in Luweero due to the feud amongst party members resulting from the just concluded district between woman MP by-elections.

There was a bitter exchange of NRM supporters in Luweero and areas MPs on Sunday during the first meeting to popularize the Kyankwanzi resolution to front Yoweri Museveni as the sole NRM presidential candidate in the 2016 polls. Eraly this year, the NRM parliamentary caucus launched the countrywide campaign to popularize the Kyankwanzi resolution. However, the exercise didn’t kick off in Luweero due to the feud amongst party members resulting from the just concluded district woman MP by-elections.

On Sunday, NRM legislators and party officials decided to kick start the campaign trail to popularize the resolution and convened the first meeting at Bukenya Foundation Motel.  They included Abraham Byandala, the Katikamu North MP, Prof. Edward Khiddu Makubuya, Katikamu South and their Bamunanika counterpart Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo. During the meeting, the MPs rallied hundreds of NRM supporters including mobilizers, officials and voters to back Museveni emphasizing that he is the only one with a remarkable vision to steer the country after 2016.

Shortly after addressing the gathering, the legislators allowed participants to pause questions. One of the participants whose identity wasn’t readily established shouted on top of his voice saying they were tired of being used as ladders and dumped like refuse. He wondered why they were sidelined during the campaigns for the just concluded Luweero district woman MP by-election and they were now being asked to move around to popularize Museveni. His utterance drew a thunderous applause from other participants who chanted ‘yeah, yeah.

They warned that unless this is addressed, it may have far reaching implications in the 2016 polls. Carol Nalubega, the NRM vice chairperson Luweero district responded angrily to the party supporters saying they couldn’t come down because the district executive was also sidelined by a team from Kampala led by Richard Todwong, the Minister without Port Folio. Nalubega explained that they took a passive role in the by-election since they were not facilitated. However, the NRM supporter wouldn’t have any of this. Some of them charged at Nalubega and attempted to attack her. 

It took the intervention of Muyingo and Byandala to calm down the residents and denied any wrong doing. But Khiddu Makubuya, the Katikamu South MP said the NRM loss in the by-election was self inflicted arguing that the party structures are shaky. Rehema Kabuye, one of the residents said the decision to sideline lower party members largely contributing to the humiliating loss of Rebecca Nalwanga, the NRM candidate in the by-elections.

She warned that the party is bound to lose most seats if such unfairness is not solved. Jessica Nakabuye said she was disappointed to see NRM wigs take over the polls leaving out the people who know the ground well. David Bivamuntuuyo, another voter said he doesn't have the morale to market Museveni.