Voters Query Empty Ballot Box on KCC Truck

2094 Views Kampala, Uganda
An empty ballot box was discovered on a Kampala City Council lorry this morning, sparking off a storm in Kikaya zone in Kawempe division. The box found being ferried from one polling station to another by a KCC driver, whose name could not be immediately established. A group of youth blocked the lorry, registration numberLG 041601, and demanded answers. The driver was asked to explain why the ballot box was being transported in a KCC lorry and not in an Electoral Commission vehicle. He claimed it was being held in case of an emergency shortage and said there was no foul play involved. But his reply drew even more suspicion when the crowd, led by Livingston Ssenyonga the defense secretary Kikaya Zone B demanded further explanation, but he couldn't provide any. He jumped into the lorry and sped off towards Kisaasi. A group of youth hired bodabodas to chase down the lorry. They are still in pursuit of it. ###