Voting Progresses Well in Buliisa District

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Elections for the LC5 chairperson and Woman Member of Parliament for Buliisa district in western Uganda have started with minor incidents. Reports from several polling stations indicate that voters turned up quite early, but had to wait for Electoral Commission officers who delivered the voting materials a few minutes after the opening of the polls. At Kisyabi and Kisansya parish headquarters, the Electoral Commission was called in to resolve a dispute between presiding officers and candidates' agents. Agents of Fred Lukumu, one of the LC5 candidates, claimed they were ordered to stand too far away from the polling stations to effectively monitor the elections. Deo Natukunda, the Electoral Commission's Registrar in-charge of Buliisa and Masindi said the situation was brought under control and voting resume normally. Fred Lukumu of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is tussling it out for the LC5 chair with an independent candidate, Atuhairwe Wandera. Contesting for the Woman MP seat are Beatrice Mpairwe of the NRM and Margaret Mudede, an independent.