Wafula Oguttu: Opposition Left Out of National ID Enrollment Exercise

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In short
According to Wafula, opposition political parties have not received any formal communication about the exercise.

Wafula Oguttu, the leader of the Opposition has tasked James Baba, the internal affairs state minister to explain why opposition parties have been left out of the national identity card registration exercise.
Wafula argues that the national identity card registration exercise is connected to election, which makes important that all political parties are involved as stipulated by law. According to Wafula, opposition political parties have not received any formal communication about the exercise. 

He wants members of other parties appointed to the verification committees at the parish level.

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But Baba insists the exercises has nothing to do with political parties but has the ultimate goal of providing national Ids to Ugandans. MPs are also concerned about the requirements for one to get a national ID.
 Grace Namara, the Lyantonde woman MP says they have heard that for one to be registered they must produce a birth certificate. However, the MP says many Ugandans don’t have birth certificates adding that even the process of getting one is complicated and might not be affordable to all Ugandans.

However, Baba explained that what is required of applicants is to show proof that they are citizens of Uganda which can be done by show of a birth certificate, baptism card, passport, marriage certificate or school identity amongst others.
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 Joseph Sewungu, the Kalungu West MP says it will be hard to tell who a Ugandan is and who is not since the local leaders have not been involved in the exercise. John Kamara Nzeyimana, the Bufumbira North MP fears the exercise might benefit foreigners and leave out Ugandans since even foreign students in this country have school Ids.

But Baba allays the fears of the Mps saying the verification committees are comprised of an elder and Local Council 1 chairperson who will be able to identify who is a true Ugandan and who isn’t. The enrollment exercise is scheduled to start on Monday next week.


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