West Nile Cholera death toll Reaches 20

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Dr. Jackor Oryema, Nebbi district health officer says that several cases from Nebbi, Kucwinyi, Parombo sub counties and Nebbi town council have been reported.

Three more people have died in Nebbi, bringing to 20, the number of people killed by Cholera in the district since the district broke out in West Nile region a few weeks ago. Two of the deceased are from Panyimur and another from Deu Sub County. Dr. Jackor Oryema, Nebbi district health officer says that several cases from Nebbi, Kucwinyi, Parombo sub counties and Nebbi town council have been reported.

He says the cholera victims are being handled at Nebbi hospital. Records from Nebbi district health department show that 1060 cholera cases have been reported in district. Panyimur Sub County is most hit by the epidemic. Dr. Jackor Oryema, Nebbi district health officer attributes the persistence of the disease in the district to failure by the residents to adhere to the warnings and positive health standards such as not eating cold food, washing hands after visiting toilets and general sanitation guidelines.
The disease has also spread Zombo, Koboko , Maracha and Arua district. Maracha district has recorded 8 cases, the highest in the four districts. Koboko has recorded four cases, Zombo five, and one case was recorded in Arua district. Ronald Ocatre, Marach Acting District Health officer all the affected people in Maracha and Koboko are fish mongers who have been operating in Panyimur Sub County where the disease broke out in March this year.

As a result of the index case, the Arua Municipal health department has set up a task force to sensitize residents about the disease. Dr. Paul Onzubo, the municipal health officer says they are worried because the person admitted at Arua Hospital on Thursday tested positive.

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Cue out…that means then we are at risk.”//

He says that the municipal task forces has already banned the sale of food in ungazetted places and streets to control the epidemic.
Charles Asiki, the Mayor of Arua municipality has also instructed schools, religious institutions and the general public to ensure high sanitary standards as they habor many people. Cholera, a highly contagious disease is characterized by passing of watery diarrhea and vomiting.


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