West Nile District Leaders Disagree Over 100 Million For Nile University

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District leaders from the 7 West Nile districts have disagreed over 100 million shillings proposed to be given to the limping West Nile University. The money was secured under the Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for northern Uganda. Initially the west nile district leaders association known as MAYANK had agreed to give the funds to the university but now some are questioning the wisdom of giving local government funds to an institution they say is privately owned. Peter Iku Dolo, Moyo LC 5 chairperson also the MAYANK chairperson wants the funds given to the university. Though PRDP is currently suspended West Nile districts under the MAYANK consortium received 800 million shillings that was shared 100 million shilling each by the seven districts. The balance of 100 million was to be given to Nile University. Koboko LC 5 chairperson William Dada says under the local government act districts are cannot fund institutions of higher learning. He says that Nile university is owned by individuals in Arua diocese. The university is run by Father Adiga Nakary as university secretary. Arua RDC, Ibrahim Abiriga wants to keep the money for new districts like Maracha-Terego and Zombu. He says the University is owners in Arua diocese recently donated a lorry to work as a University Truck. According to the RDC, the districts should continue their quest for a public university in the region. But Moyo LC 5 chairperson Peter Iku Dolo says the ownership problem of Nile University is not new. He says if Arua diocese is helping the university to get established for people in the region district leaders should support the development. Alex Amati, the Academic coordinator for Nile University denies claims that Arua diocese owns the University. He says the diocese helped them get affiliated to Uganda Martyrs University because the National Council for Higher Education has not granted them an operation license. He says the University considers the diocese as one of the promoters of education and readily accepts their support. He says The controversial Nile University was started in 2003 and was granted a temporally license by the National Council for Higher Education. It has since failed to acquire the required facilities for inspection to be done for it to get.


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